The Hidden Scandals of Norway shows we need the worlds attention

There is a lot of cases or THE HIDDEN SCANDAL in Norway. Last week there was a Norwegian getting ASYL in Poland. Barnevernet ( Child protection) is famous here for taking kids more or less with an suspekt agenda. This has been known for years outside of Norway and now also the sleeping Norwegian starts to understand what is happening.

Today this situation is lifted up to a new level. Dennis Bowen is now in HUNGER STRIKE.

He has now been denied an appeal against what he has written on Facebook. This made him go to HUNGER STRIKE today. According to Dennis Bowen, he has received: «16 months. No verifiable evidence. So only claims, and all my defense is kept outside the court documents.

The case of Dennis and Eva Bowen who in addition to being deprived of his four children, for no reason, has lost their jobs and everything they own and have. In addition, they are terrorized almost daily by armed police who penetrate the house unannounced, without displaying statutory ID. For at least one occasion, the police have used an ax to penetrate the door of the home.

Dennis worked in Ita’s amb AS and assisted hIS boss in a whistle blower case about critical conditions in the workplace. It has punish too many, including his innocent wife Eva Bowen and their four children.

On April 6, 2016, Dennis Bowen loses his job as a supervisor in Ita’s amb AS due to the announcement of his boss. Chairman of the Board Dag Ottar Sanne gets his will, and CEO Arne Smith gives both fires.

I will not dig to deeep in to this case now, but the the police district Sør Øst is behind this terror we are subjected to. Organized terror. The organization has a leadership that is all members of Rotary, writes Dennis Bowen. He claims:

They have nearly 2,000 foot soldiers who are armed despite a ban on this. Coming in big gangs, hacker computers, taking mobiles, spreading fake rumors, breaks entire families through daily terror. Arrests people without giving reasons, steals children from people without reason, closes bank account among others.

Mafia assistance from the court is an actual relationship everyone must think about. Are you in trouble with Freemasons, Rotary, Odd Fellow, Lions, Mary Order, Rebekah Order, etc. MUST you walk carefully. They own the judges in the country.

The prosecution authorities in the country own these clubs. «All the country’s witchcraft is Rotary. ALL claim Dennis Bowen.

Dennis and Eva has collected a lot of VIDEO evidence and so on and have a lot of proof for their case.

This should raise international interest, especially as Norwegian child welfare is notorious. Europe must be aware that one of the richest countries as a result of oil deposits has a system of human rights totally set aside. This is not a single case even though it is one of the most brutal ever seen.

Norway is best at criticizing other nations for human rights violations, but has become a disgust over the last 20-30 years. Main stream media ( MSM ) is hiding most of this crise. This is why idealistic hAlternativ Media get more and more interest from the people of Norway.
Help us put pressure on Norwegian gouverment. My advice is to contact Marius Reikerås about the situation in Norway ( not this particularly case) .

Feel free to contact Dennis or Eva Bowen. They want international attention around this matter.