Dark forces occupy the halls of government – the farce that is 17th of May

21 600 foreigners were granted Norwegian citizenship last year. 18 200 were non-Europeans.[1]

If the same proportion of foreigners were given citizenship in the USA, the number would be about 1,5 million.

Constitution Day (May 17) has become utterly meaningless. Norwegians who are celebrating Constitution Day ought to instead spend the day learning why they should NOT celebrate it, so that they may comprehend what measure they ought to take in order to restore the day to its former glory.

What is seen as «vibrant diversity» today (massive welfare handouts to mostly dependent non-Europeans) could turn into the loss of a country in due course – either in your lifetime or that of your children.

In the aftermath of World War 2, Quisling was executed by shooting squad for conspiring with Hitler to bereave Norway of its independence.

Yet, what did Germans do to us Norwegians besides admittedly cruel and unpardonable persecution and torture of dissidents and rebels?

Did they colonize us by sending tens of thousands of Germans to our lands and seizing our farms and land? No.

Did they in other ways change conditions to permanently turn us into a minority in our country? No.

Thus today’s zealous globalist politicians are arguably far greater traitors than Quisling ever was, contingent on the notion that the role of politicians is to preserve the cultural make-up of a country for future generations.

The people of Norway are a Germanic people who have occupied the land for thousands of years. It is to our ancestors that we owe our existence. They created us; without them we would have been nothing, like the many fetuses aborted today are never allowed to see the light of day.

This is not to say that immigration has to be completely stopped, but it needs to become sustainable and respectful of the realities of a proud ethnic Norwegian people whose duty to their ancestors is evidenced by their DNA matching their ancestors. We should build proud and strong lineages like we have been doing for millennia. The individual is supported by an immediate family; this family is part of a greater whole of families (one’s relatives); the families of a nation are in turn related to each other by at most a few links.

In war-time, there will be no doubt about allegiances – all being of one people with a shared history and destiny, we will tend to protect each other and adamantly resist the foreign occupier. In a multi-cultural nation however, things are vastly more complicated.

While this may be considered a simplified view, there is no doubt that a multicultural society will experience more internal disturbances in the case of a war. What do you think would happen to you as a Norwegian living in Japan during a Japan-Norway war? You would most likely be interned for the duration, like what happened to Japanese-Americans during WW2 – they were interned en mass due to fears that they would aid the enemy.

Certainly, a calm stream of selective immigration is not problematic, although such immigration should primarily consist in international marriages + temporary asylum seeker from war-torn lands, or perhaps the occasional Norway-loving foreigner who can contribute greatly to society. A high influx of welfare dependents, however, is NOT fine at all.

This video from Black Pigeon Speaks paints a stark picture of Europe’s future – i.e. Europeans becoming ethnic minorities, with an increase in ethnic-religious tensions, perhaps similar to the horrors that transpired in Yugoslavia a mere 20 years ago.[2]



[2]: Monasteries and churches destroyed in Kosovo: