Be proud of your ancestors, but aspire to match or exceed their greatness

When we define ourselves by our ancestry without knowing the details of their feats and without manifesting their lessons in our lives, then our supposed pride is not of much value.

To truly understand our ancestors, we must learn about their religion, way of life, and we must manifest their wisdom. The strongest kind of pride comes from first-hand experience.

When we reach the level of – or exceed – our ancestors, then we can manifest a sense of pride in their achievements and lives that is good and wholesome. Always aim as high as possible.

An example of misfounded pride would be someone sitting around watching the super bowl 7 days a week, and using ancestral pride as an excuse to live a completely wasteful life without creating anything or being of use to anyone (e.g. an unemployed welfare check recipient).

The regressive far-left will of course attempt to portray all ancestral pride as misfounded pride, which is just propaganda coming from voices who want to sever bloodlines and make everyone rootless and subservient to their authoritarianism.

The following Mongolian music video, The Hu – Yuve Yuve Yu clearly exemplifies the difference between what we might tentatively dub a «fake Mongolian» and a «true Mongolian».

It starts off with showing us an unfulfilled Mongolian sitting in front of the TV, followed by two guys who are out in the wilderness and keeping ancestral traditions alive by playing a string instrument and throat-singing.

Personally, I am not particularly oriented towards my Norse cultural origins, but even though I am poor at maintaining tradition, I do try to be a good descendent by helping my culture survive.

We should cultivate humility, always comparing ourselves to our highest potential, and strive to better ourselves each day.

By aiming high, we will reach farther than we thought possible. But never forget the ancestral spirits and your genetic inheritance, which in combination with hard work, enables your personal success in life.

For practical advice on becoming your greatest self, check out Jordan Peterson on aiming for the greatest good: