«Diversity» is anything but


If we were to mix polar bears with grizzlies, we could imagine a situation where under certain circumstances polar bears and grizzlies cooperate and play together. Sounds cool, right? Animal diversity, yay!

But after a few generations of intermingling there may only be «prizzly bears» left. This would be a hybrid breed that is only partially suitable for the habitat of the now-extinct polar bear and only partially suitable for the habitat of the now-extinct grizzly bear. If we were to release this hybrid back into the habitats of grizzlies and polar bears, they may simply die due to being poorly adapted to both environments.

For humans, «diversity» in the form of widespread intermingling is likewise a temporary condition that results in mixed-blood individuals, while confusing ancestral trees by reducing one’s lineage to 3% this or 5% that. If someone wants to pursue that path, be my guest, but please don’t force it upon my country, Norway, at a mass scale. It just makes you seem like Ghenghis Khan or a neo-colonialist.

Thus we can say that «diversity» is a temporary spectacle followed by the destruction of diversity. «Diversity» is the prelude to genocide of every group involved.

The implicit mindset of an open borders advocate could be something like this:
«Norway is not good enough being Norwegian, so we must invite every person in the world to Norway in order to destroy their unity, their peace and what makes them unique.»

That’s actually genocide (according to the UN’s Genocide Convention). Realizing this may require a certain mode of thinking that violates the dogma of the neo-religious atheist left.

Let us support all the world’s peoples by supporting self-determination all over the world in order to preserve our shared human legacy. In many cases this means supporting nationalism, and in some cases it involves protecting indigenous peoples at a more granular level (such as the Wicchi indians of Argentina, who have had their way of life disturbed by the Argentinian state).

Let us preserve for Norway what we take for granted for Tibet – a country historically occupied by Tibetans, who keep the flame of their ancestors alive through practicing and developing Tibetan Buddhism. Like them, I believe that Norwegians would like to determine their own destiny in line with the natural wishes of their hard-working ancestors without sudden neo-colonialist imposition.